BRAUN - L2 Speaker, 1958  

1958 Design by Dieter Rams 

Andy Warhol Cow Wallpaper 249/500  

1966 for hb collection 

Ettore Sottsass Mirror Object "Ultrafragola"  

1970 for Poltronova, Italy 

Spacious mobile in the style of Alexander Calder  

unknown french Artist, ca. 1978 - Île de Ré 

Gufram Cactus N°640/2000 by Franco Mello & Guido Drocco  

1972 by Gufram, Italy 

Paul Schatz "The invertible Cube"  

ca. 1960, Dornach, Switzerland 

Wall Catalog < S’asseoir > Exposition 1974 - Musée de Grenoble  

Musée de Grenoble, 1974 

Apollo 17 - original Funfair Rocket  

ca. 1960 - on wheels.. . 

Pierre Chapo - "Louis" Bed in Solid Elm  

1962 Paris, France 


FAT CANS Project | Lyon, France 

Ettore Sottsass - Candlestick for Swid Powell  

ca. 1985, Italy 

Roger Tallon - Helicoid Staircase M400  

1964 by Gallery Lacloche Edition, Paris 

Cactus N°746/2000 by Franco Mello & Guido Drocco  

1972 by Gufram, Italy 

Roger Ferraud - Clé de Sol - Garderobe  

ca. 1950 Paris, France 

Roberto Cordone - giant Sculpture  

ca. 1969 for Bayer AG 

Raleigh - RSW 16 Citybike / Messenger Bike  

ca. 1960 - mint, original condition  

François Morellet - Sphère Trame, Spherical Framework  

1962 - Provenance: Galerie Denise René, Paris 

Gretl & Leo Wollner - ROADS, giant Silkscreen  

1972 for Knoll International Textiles 

Frankfurter Kueche - 3 Aluminium Schütten  

Margarete Schuette-Lihotzky, 1926 

Milanetti - Bicycle for Pacemaker Race’s  

1961- with wooden rims 

Christian Dell - original drawing Bauhaus Lamp for Kaiser Idell  

high quality print, stamped with original Kaiser Idell "Werksstempel" 

Karl Gerstner - Grafik, 80 x 80cm - Colour-Sound  

Edition by Galerie Denise René & Hans Mayer, Paris  

Marianne Brandt Bauhaus Napkin Holder  

ca. 1930 for Ruppel, Germany 

Streamline Tricycle - USA Kid’s Bike  

The American National Company 1935  



Mario Bellini - Gli Scacchi Elements  

ca. 1970 for C&B Italia 

"Nike" giant Bronze Sculpture  

ca. 1960, Germany 

Bicycle for Kids by Rixe  

ca. 1952, Germany 

Sigrid Wylach - Flower Rug for Eero Saarinen Table  

1974 by Knoll International 

Columbus - Art Déco Globe  

Paul Oestergaard, Berlin