Roger Tallon, France (1929–2011) - extraordinary Helicoid Staircase Model - 1964 for Gallery Lacloche Edition, Paris.

This piece of design history was used in a Parisian atelier and led from the entrance to the workroom, see photos at the end of the documentation. Polished cast aluminium structure with eleven stairs with rubber step surface.

Similar example in the collection of the MOMA.

The steps are individually placed over a stand pole, aligned and fixed with the help of 2 screws each - the stand has the original Lacloche Gallery delivery label.
For the shooting we have set the larger entrance step downwards, but it can also be used as a final step on top, the original aluminium wall mountings are are existing.

The stand is 340cm high in total, to reach any floors exactly there are 2cm thick spacer rings made of aluminium. we can make an exact measurement on request.

Roger Tallon is inextricable from the landscape of modern French life — his prolific designs expand across the country above and below ground as trains and subways, crossing borders from France to the UK on the Eurostar, existing in domestic and public spheres alike.
Tallon’s boundless genius has birthed machines, appliances, quotidian objects, architecture, graphic design and fine art collaborations.
He is credited with bringing American design to post-war Europe, after working with US companies, such as General Motors and a lot more...