Tétrodon - Modular Habitat, 
1968 by Jacques Berce &  Henri Ciriani, France

Designed for the Atelier d’ Architecture et d’ Urbanism (AUA) - the Tétrondon was first presented to the public in front of the Louvre in Paris about 1968.
A limited number of units were produced until 1973 as the oil crisis forced a production stop.

Now rarities, the Tétrodon became a classified French national architectural heritage in 2012 ("Patrimoine du 20ème siècle")

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In 2017 we could locate and acquire 3 examples in Southern France. Once transported to Germany they were restored by our team. 

All removable dormers are reproduced and are made of special hail resistant PVC. The entrance front is rebuild to original specifications with high quality Schüco brand profiles. All modules were cleaned, fixed and received a synthetic paint coating for long-term protection weather-proofing.

Project Fos-sur-Mer, southern France

The Tetrodon shown here is part of an associative project in southern France for a sailing school directly on the beach.